martes, 13 de diciembre de 2011

Follow your heart

This is a story about my friend JESSICA. She was one of the very first friends I made in Los Angles, and she showed myself, and the rest of our friends a kindness I wasn’t expecting to find that quickly in a strange new place. It kind of threw me, in a wonderful positive way. She was dedicated, she was consistently working on her craft, auditioning, filming. Then one day, years later, she said, “I need to move to New York.” She just felt it. Her agents and manager told Jess that she was crazy, that she should book a job in the big apple before moving there. What was she thinking?? Jess didn’t listen. She found the first place she was going to be staying at, and a week or so after her decision, she booked a job….in New York. Jess was the perfect fit for Vanessa in the new series, Gossip Girl. The point being, Jessica created her destiny, and didn’t let other people sway her decision. And it all worked out! This was the first day I visited her on set, I remember how proud I was. Jess is pure love and support. When I took this picture I felt like the ultimate proud Mom. I had not booked Glee. Money was tight. I didn’t care. Didn’t feel one ounce of jealousy, or pain. I knew I would get there too. Follow you heart, your true friends, and let love in. It is amazing what results ensue.

By Dianna Agron

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